Colorado Pets Need Flea and Tick Topical Treatment

Many people ask us if flea and tick treatment is really needed in Colorado due to the dry conditions and altitude. The answer to both questions is a strong yes. Colorado actually has more varieties of fleas than any other state in the nation, ticks are pretty much impervious to altitude and are even able to function during the winter in Colorado. Both fleas and ticks are serious concerns for the health of your pet and the humans they live around due to the parasites and the diseases they can host. 

Happy Hound does provide topical treatment for fleas and ticks. Following a careful, thorough visual inspection, we will apply a medicated shampoo that helps kill off the pests but is safe for your pet. Then we will do a topical application that is long lasting. We also will check for skin issues like dermatitis, which is common in pets that are suffering from a flea infestation.
Besides treating dogs and cats, we also care for rabbits and other furred pets that are prone to fleas. Rabbits especially can be challenged due to their soft under-fur that provides just the kind of haven where fleas love to live and reproduce. If your pet is scratching constantly, you need them checked for fleas. If they have ticks, treatment is extremely important due to illnesses ticks can carry. Call Happy Hounds to book an appointment for a medicated bath and flea and tick topical treatment, and let us give your pet some relief.