Happy Hounds Specializes in Controlling Shedding and Matting Conditions

When the seasons change as dramatically as they tend to in Colorado, you know that your pet is going to shed. Shedding is a natural part of the hair rotation cycle in any furred animal, and prepares them for temperature and weather changes. When regular and seasonal shedding go without sufficient daily maintenance, your pet can end up with serious hair mats that can cause discomfort, skin irritation and infection, or other issues. Let Happy Hounds assist with the challenge the shedding season presents.

Removing shedding hair can be a tedious and exasperating chore for many pet owners, especially if your pet does not like to be brushed daily (or more) Happy Hounds is proud to offer our deshedding treatment to remove hair that is shedding or ready to shed. Our deshedding shampoo and conditioner works to rejuvenate the coat by eliminating dead and unwanted hair with ease. With its essential blend of vitamins, proteins, and conditioners, it also moisturizes the skin and coat to keep it healthy and your pup happy.

Call us to set up an appointment to help your furry friend become a lot more comfortable during shedding season. Your clothes and couch will be happy you did.