Dog Sprayed by a Skunk? Happy Hounds to the Rescue

Colorado provides a wonderful environment for people to enjoy the great outdoors and your pets to romp around in. It also provides a lot of habitat and brings people and pets in contact with a variety of wild animals, skunks being no exception. As most people know defend themselves with a very potent, strong musk that can be downright repulsive and extremely difficult to remove once on anything.  When Rover dashes into the house or howls and is rolling on the ground, the wafting scent leaves no doubt that your dog got into it with a skunk.

 Happy Hounds has the best shampoo and “deskunking” routine around to help get Fido smelling like a clean dog once again. We offer Nature’s Miracle Skunk Odor Remover. Not a perfume or cover-up, this pet-safe product’s bio-enzymatic formula works to break down the oils prayed by the skunk to neutralize and eliminate any odor. We also provide a second option for those tough cases – our own tried and true in-house deskunking solution that we have found to be safe and effective in removing strong skunk odors. Depending on how close they were to the skunk when they were sprayed, it may require more than one shampoo to completely remove the skunk odor.  Call us and we will advise you what to do and get your pet in as soon as possible to treat them. We do not use harsh chemicals or anything that will harm your pet in any manner.
Words of advice for your own exposure and that of your personal items – Skunk musk is a very fine molecule that can permeate metal and will not come out. It normally will not permeate the door on a kennel that is chrome plated.  We advise kenneling your pet, as the plastic kennel can be soaked and washed in a strong household bleach solution (in cold water) to remove odor from plastic. If you have to transport your pet in your vehicle, make sure to cover seats, leave windows down, and minimize contact. Bleach, pine cleaner, and a household mix of hydrogen peroxide, baking soda, and sometimes vinegar can help clean items that may come in contact.