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Happy Hounds does grooming for many different varieties of pets, including rabbits, guinea pigs, snakes and other reptiles, and of course, cats. Cats can be notoriously difficult to bathe and groom at home, especially if your fur baby has long fur that needs tending during shedding season. Now under new ownership, Happy Hounds even knows how to groom your goats and other exotics.  We have experience in handling a variety of pets, and can do it safely and with little upset to your pet whether they have fur, scales, or skin.

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We Know Cat Grooming, Colorado Springs!

Cats and water do not mix generally, and you end up with a very upset cat and you with scars to prove it. At Happy Hounds Pet Grooming our experienced team hast the knowledge of how to give your cat a bath safely and without stress, while avoiding possible injury to the pet or human. Regular cat grooming is important to maintain the condition of their coat and skin, as well as to remove excess hair that cats tend to consume when grooming, leading to hairball problems.  This is especially important for senior kitties that may have more of a challenge reaching all the areas on their body to keep their fur and skin clean.  

Our standard cat grooming includes a bath, haircut, ear cleaning and nail clipping, and we check anal glands for healthy conditions. We can clip a cat if necessary and even do lion cuts and other trims if you so desire.  We do not use tranquilizers for any pet grooming at our facility, as we have found when grooming is done by experienced people whom the pet comes to trust, they are not needed.