Cat Grooming - Bunny Grooming for Colorado Springs Pets

Happy Hounds does grooming for many different varieties of pets, including rabbits, guinea pigs, snakes and other reptiles, and of course, cats. Cats can be notoriously difficult to bathe and groom at home, especially if your fur baby has long fur that needs tending during shedding season. Now under new ownership, Happy Hounds even knows how to groom your goats and other exotics. We have experience in handling a variety of pets, and can do it safely and with little upset to your pet. Whether they have fur, scales, or skin – we can groom them all!

We Know Cat Grooming, Colorado Springs!

Cats and water do not mix generally, and you end up with a very upset cat and you with scars to prove it. At Happy Hounds Pet Grooming our experienced team has the knowledge of how to give your cat a bath safely and without stress, while avoiding possible injury to the pet
or human. Regular cat grooming is important to maintain the condition of their coat and skin, as well as to remove excess hair that cats tend to consume when grooming, leading to hairball problems. This is especially important for senior kitties that may have more of a challenge reaching all the areas on their body to keep their fur and skin clean.

Our standard cat grooming includes a bath, haircut, ear cleaning, nail clipping, and we check anal glands for healthy conditions. We can clip a cat if necessary and even do lion cuts and other trims if you so desire. We do not use tranquilizers for any pet grooming at our facility, as we have found when grooming is done by experienced people whom the pet comes to trust, they are not needed.

Rabbit Grooming - Guinea Pig Grooming Near You in Colorado Springs

There really is qualified, experienced bunny grooming near you, available in Colorado Springs. Rabbits generally shed about every 3 months, and have delicate skin. It is important to keep rabbits brushed and groomed as bunnies tend to groom constantly, and during shedding season they take in fur. Fur can cause issues with a rabbit’s digestive system, so keeping the shedding fur to a minimum helps keep them healthy. We make sure that bunny or guinea grooming is done slowly and methodically so they feel safe and secure. When we groom both bunnies and guinea pigs (cavies), we also clean their eyes, ears, their bottom side, check for any skin issues, and trim their nails, since nails grow very fast for both animals. For lop bunnies, it is especially important to clean and check ears regularly as they tend to develop moisture inside their ears that can cause itching or create an environment for infections and ear mites to start.

Long haired rabbits like Angoras, Woolies, Lion Heads and Silver Fox, and Peruvian, Abyssinian, and Sheltie guinea pigs may require additional coat treatments including dematting in extreme cases. The correct fur product use is extremely important for these animals due to the delicate balance of oils in their skin. Bring your rabbits and guinea pigs in for professional grooming by groomers that know how to care for these gentle, somewhat timid pets.

Snake and Reptile Grooming is Important for Their Health

Many people do not think about their snakes and other reptiles needing grooming on a regular basis, since they do not have fur. Snakes, in particular, need regular grooming since they shed their skin about once a month, and that process can leave them vulnerable to potential issues. Due to our very dry climate, especially during the winter months when gas heat is on, snakes may have problems beginning to shed, or slough off as it is called. It is important they are able to humidify enough to start this important process, as well as enough materials to rub against to encourage the old skin to start to peel away. Happy Hounds has handled many reptiles over our years of experience, and would be happy to take care of your snake, iguana, or other scaled friend to keep them happy and unstressed.

Happy Hounds has experience for a wide range of pets that need skin and coat care. Contact us if your precious family member’s variety is not listed, and we will let you know how we can help. We keep a variety of alternative, healthy, natural products on hand to take care of a variety of pets.